Customer Experience Assessment

Reaching a superior level of customer experience is a continuum.  Even today, most brands are stuck in the early stages executing some targeted messaging but distributing common content to all customers.   DBMCatalyst can help you move forward toward deeper customer engagement and hyper-personalized interactions. The best advice:  start by answering the following questions to assess where you need guidance!

How can you address your customer with incomplete knowledge? 

  • What data do you have? Is it unified?
  • What do you know about her attitudes, beliefs and preferences?
  • How does she feel about your brand/your products?

Are you operating using the right KPIs?

  • How do you measure your engagement successes?
  • How do you measure engagement and customer experience?
  • Are you aligned with corporate strategic marketing objectives?

Are you able to meet her in any channel at any time with a consistent message?  Make the next, best offer?

  • Do you have a unified customer communications strategy?
  • What is your content strategy?
  • Can you engage with your customer in all preferred channels?
  • Can you anticipate her needs with real-time offers?

What is the corporate guidance for customer experience?

  • Is your organization committed and aligned for brand cohesiveness?
  • Do you share customer knowledge cross-functionally?


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