Seminar Series

bigstock-We-Build-Relationships-Concept-55974140Do you have a client, a colleague who needs to quickly gain an understanding of Multichannel Marketing? 

Executive Briefings – Multichannel Marketing Boot Camp                                             View a Seminar Extract!

Inform and educate senior management about the strategy and value of enhancing customer relationships through multi-channel marketing

A 2–3 day high-level briefing


  • Gain an overall understanding of MCM and how it will improve acquisition, growth and retention of customers; gain an understanding of the role of various multichannel initiatives; and the productive use of customer analytics – basic and advanced
  • Provide your client/ company a close involvement with client/client marketing issues
  • Construct the briefing around a specific service offering or prospect/client campaign

Detailed Briefings – Multichannel Marketing Boot Camp

Inform and educate management about specific strategies and tactics in detail to use in enhancing customer relationships through multi-channel marketing

A 1 day briefing drilling down into specific topics and tactics


  • Gain specific understanding of a component of MCM and how to apply it to improve acquisition, growth, loyalty or retention of customers
  • Produce more effective, productive customer campaigns through detailed briefings in targeting, contact strategies, analytics, etc.

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